Sunday, April 14, 2013

Moving to a new Home

I did not mention that I would move to a new home.

Just got there yesterday and I am loving it.
Its in the woods so its quite I finally can relax a bit.

I loved this place when I was a kid..
Well what I still can remember from it.. Let me Explain.

When I was 7 years old I kept having this nightmares..
Everynight I dreamed about a creature standing at the end of my bed...
Whispering to me..

Telling me he was my friend and he would protect me..
Only if I did not tell my parents about him..

When I asked about his name..
He simply replied..

After I while.. I was brave enough to tell my parents about him..
They said I was acting weird and my imagination was playing tricks with me..

I kept telling them about "Hospes" they said I had too stop or they would take me too what they called "A place where I could heal" or just hard said..  a Bedlam
I went there for 10 years..

Now they where different "Hospes" took me too different places every night..
Once we where on a hill and he said..

"Alex your parents dont understand you nobody does.. except me, I need you to trust me Alex"

I replied with simply saying "I do trust you"

"Do you?" He said
"You betrayed me Alex"
"You told your parents"

I did not know what to say but before I could think of anything he said

"Your parents.. Alex.. They will not live anymore after tonight.."

He smiled.

I cried then everything went dark.
The next day it was my birthday I turned 16..

I was never going to forget that moment..
A policemen came in.. he said

"Alex.. Northfield..  is that right?"
I said "Yes"
He replied with something that would stay with me the rest of my life

"Alex.. take a seat..." I set down "Last night.. there was an car accident.."
"Your parents.. got injured and where taken to the hospital.. your father did not make it.. your mother is still alive.."

I cried

He took me to the hospital to the room where my mother stayed.

"Mom!!" I shouted
"Alex.. come closer.."

I walked to her and she whispered something in my ear
"The thing.. you were talking about.. he exists.. I am so sorry..."
After that her heart stopped beating and that was it.

I was a child without parents in one day..

I got taken back to the Bedlam.. The policemen told me he would go with me to the funeral the next day..
And said that it was better if I got some sleep..

I dreamed..
"Alex.." something whispered but I was directly sure it was "Hospes"
"Alex.. he said again.. they are gone Alex.. now we can be happy.. and you will never betray me again"

He smiled.

I looked at him and I began to feel anger in my heart I wanted to kill it I shouted
"You.. Monster.. I hate you!.. Get out of my life.. I never want to see you again.."

He smiled

Then I woke up..

The dreams stopped after that..

And now I am here..

In my old home..

After that has passed I begin to realise..

It was real..


I am going to get some sleep and take the dog out for a walk..
I am sorry if I made you guys confused..
I just needed to share it..


Friday, April 12, 2013

So I got a Blog.

Well hello,

Lets introduce in short.

My name is Alex
20 Years Old
Live alone with my Dog Shaun (Shaun of the Dead Reference)

So yeah what to say more..

Well  I am going to post alot of updates of my life which is not easy for me